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Advantages and Disadvantages of Garlic.

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Natural antibiotics: Studies have shown that eating lemon juice in an empty stomach works like a strong antibiotic. It works more efficiently after eating garlic before breakfast. Especially eating empty juice of garlic causes bacteria to open and then bacteria lose to garlic. As a result the body's harmful bacteria can not be saved.

High blood pressure controls: Many people who suffer from high blood pressure, they have seen some high blood pressure symptoms as a result of eating garlic. Because of their eating of garlic, they see good changes in the body.

Good for the intestines: Liver and bladder performs their functions properly after eating garlic in an empty stomach. Also, it eliminates abdominal problems such as diarrhea. This garlic acts as a stimulant for digestion and hunger. Therefore, it is very helpful to remove garlic extract. It is also able to remove stress. Stress or pressure can cause problems with our gastric. So, playing garlic on an empty stomach helps in reducing our problems by reducing our nervous pressure. Apart from removing many problems of digestion, this garlic removes this problem.

De-toxify the body: Garlic plays an important role in DE-intoxicating the body compared to other medicines. According to experts, garlic parasite, remedies for worms, obesity, severe fever, diabetes, depression and cancer are very useful in preventing diseases.

Inhalation: Garlic inhibits tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, lung congestion, hapani, hooping cough etc. There are sources of ways to cure all diseases in garlic.

Tuberculosis resistant: So many ingredients in garlic that if you have any problem related to tuberculosis or TB, then split a whole garlic in a portion of the food and drink it again and again. The possibility of Tuberculosis Disease

Increase in immunity: If you swallow one Kwa garlic every morning after breakfast. Do not chew, just swallow. This will increase the immunity of the body and will be released from the health problems during the seasons.

Problem release of digestion: Take 2/3 garlic cloves and fry them slightly. Practice eating it with or without vegetables. This will avoid the problems of digestion. And the problem of coastlines will be solved.

Frozen Frozen Cuff: There are many beneficial treatments for garlic caffeine. Spoon 1/2 quota of garlic on very low oil, and eat 1 table spoon honey before going to sleep at night. If it is eaten regularly then you can get rid of the cough caused by chest.

The role of garlic to increase the sex: A lot of the rules of the day, raw khoya garas, the youth of the body is long stays. Those who have survived in adulthood, they can eat two quinoa garlic puree ghee on a pure ghee every day. But after eating it should be a little hot water or milk. Good results can be found here. To protect the youth, garlic can be eaten in other ways. One or two koya garlic bakata with raw Altamira or a spoon can be eaten. In this, both the male and female males are lasting.

Heart recovery: Garlic provides many benefits for the heart. Garlic is very helpful in reducing cholesterol. This is because the risk of heart attack is low. For the heart, the garlic is very beneficial. Cholesterol levels are low in the amount of raw khoya or semi-boiled per day. Garlic also works to keep blood pressure and sugar levels in blood. The sulfur-based compound allyin in garlic has a positive effect on health. In this regard, one thing must be kept in mind, that raw raw consumption is the best. If it is cooked, then it will be eaten allying and it reduces the medicinal properties.

Gut Arthritis Solution: Garlic gut helps in many diseases. Git arthritis can be eaten regularly by 2 quasar.

To cure the body's abscess: Garlic juice helps in the formation of any pus and painful ulcers of the body. When this pooja or boil is done, after drying it after drying 15 minutes after drying garlic, it gets heated faster. Dissolve, garlic provides relief from garbage dermatitis. This garlic released from the spills of garlic in the garlic.

Laser in the prevention of cancer: The garlic that prevents colon cancer. Galbladder is free from being cancerous. Reduces the risk of breast cancer of girls. Protects even from rectal cancer. Garlic plays a big role in preventing prostate cancer. This garlic helps to remove the East Infection. Apart from regular garlic, all types of cancer prevention are created in the body.

To remove the problem of acne: There is a lot of difference in garlic. It works as a lot of support for bionic problems. Many times the skin is peeled, the juice of this garlic benefits in Achilles.

Cure of stomach worms: Garlic provides many benefits for healing of stomach worms. So Garlic destroys internal harmful bacteria and worms in the body.

Keep blood clean: clean the blood every two hours and one glass of hot water should be consumed. And drink plenty of water in the day. The blood will be cleaned and the skin will be good. And if you want to reduce the weight, you should give some lemon juice to the hot water that is mixed with garlic in the morning.

Cold and fever medicines: For men who are often cold and fever, garlic may be an enzyme. To remove the fever and cold from the body, eat two to three koa garlic raw. You can also eat garlic without cooking or tea. And if the smell of garlic is bad, then ginger and honey mixed with it can win.
Thus cold and fever in regular use will not only be temporary, but their resistance in the body will also increase.

Bacterial and bacterial diseases prevention: Garlic is used for thousands of years in the prevention of bacterial and bacterial diseases. Studies have shown that garlic extract works well to remove the worms of the children. Mouth wash can be made from garlic extract. It is used to prevent the spread of bacteria in the crop by regular use.

To cure the cutting: Many uses of garlic have been spread, one of which is a remedy for cutting. If you enter some pieces of wood or bamboo into the body, then it will be removed and cut into a ribbon. At the same time, the body should be bandaged in that part. Within a few days, the cut-off space will recover.

Garlic in eye and dental care: Garlic protects from cataracts. The garlic helps to cure dental pain again.

Garlic quality in skin care: We all know less about the mercury properties of garlic. There is a role of garlic until the heart is healthy and reducing weight. Do you know the garlic has no pair of skin care. Garlic skin care! Are you surprised? But the garlic could remove the acne and acne scars. In a word, the use of garlic in skin care is immense.

Garlic Deformities and warnings:

#1  Garlic as much as harmful. Raw garlic more than two quarts a day can not be eaten. Although it is used in cooking, only two koya garlic should be used in the day. Those who have the risk of becoming allergic due to garlic, they must refrain from eating raw garlic.

#2  People who suffer from headache due to garlic, vomiting, or any other problem arises, do not eat raw garlic for them. It may not be too bad to eat bad food and it may not be too much to eat.

#3 Many people do not stop bleeding easily, eating excess garlic is dangerous for them. Because, garlic prevents blood clotting action. As a result, it may be difficult to stop bleeding. It is better to not eat extra garlic in those cases.

#4  Garlic should be stopped if you feel embarrassed in the stomach after eating it.

#5  The baby is not good to eat garlic milk. Because of eating garlic, it can cause the child to get pregnant after entering the mother's milk through the mother's milk.

#6  Many do not tolerate the smell of garlic. Now they are recommended to make garlic as a medicine pellet.

#7  When the garlic becomes soft or when the green color becomes visible, do not buy the garlic. Because the work quality of these garlic is wasted. When buying, buy medium-sized garlic.

#8  Garlic is good to keep in open containers without leaving the pot. Do not forget to put the garlic in the fridge. Garlic will soften in this. The soft garlic is not healthy. Garlic is used for cooking or pasta paste.

The benefits of eating dates fruits daily.

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The date of the desert is dates. As it's rich in nutmeg, it also has some extraordinary medicinal properties. In medicine, it is said that eating palm every year is very useful for health. Besides, this fruit has the ability to heal lethal diseases.

Let's know that there are some medicinal properties of date palm.

#1. There is no comparison of date palms. Many children do not want to eat too much, if they give them regular dates, the flavors will return.

#2. Compressed hard dates in the water (whole night), drinking water on an empty stomach removes constipation. Fresh dates are soft and fleshy which are easily digested.

#3. To remove heart pro
blems, it is very important to eat palm daily. It is found in the study that the practice of drinking pistachios in the morning and drinking in the morning is useful for the heart patients.

#4. These fruits rich in vitamins are important for eyesight. Due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals in date, it is possible to cure many diseases. Together, our body helps to meet the needs.

#5. It looks very weak or there is lac
k of energy in the body? Then immediately eat date palm. There is no comparisons of dates for the supply of energy to the body immediately.

#6. Disease plays a role in keeping the body healthy from various cancers. For example, palm lamps and cavity help keep the body away from cancer.

#7. The dates include saluble and inorganic fiber and various types of amino acids that help digestion easily. This provides relief from food problems related to digestion.

#8. Dieter fiber is released from cholesterol in date of date. As a result, weight can not be increased, the right weight can keep the body beautiful.

#9. Increases the immune system. Foliage and all types of limbs are very beneficial for the disease.

#10. Tooth cleansing is used as a pudding palm.

#11. There are plenty of iron in dates. Everyday pudding habit fulfills the lack of iron in the body and protects against diarrhea. Those who have problems with this type of emotive problem should be habituated every day. Due to the lack of blood pressure and body disorders, dates have special properties.

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Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday.

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Small and large people like to eat milk. Milk is the ideal food. Milk has a lot of nutritional value which benefits us very much. Let us know what are the benefits of breastfeeding.

#1. Cow's milk-force and nutrition, enhances intellectual and longevity, reduces erosion, arthritis, bile, blood glucose and poison defects.

#2. Goat milk - easily digested. Reducing stress, decreasing diarrhea, decreasing bile, fever, decay, and red blood cells.

#3. Buffalo milk - It is digested late, say, sperm, cough and sleep. Reduces blood, piles and burns.

#4. Sow the milk - very nutritious. Ball, semen, sperm, cuff and creeps increase strength,
Reduces air and blood piles.

#5. It causes damage to vomiting, vomiting, poison, arthritis, thirsty fever, hemorrhage, diarrhea, meh, pandemic, fistula, urine, scarring, spleen, laryngeal air, scurvy bleeding bile disease, delusions, and weaknesses in summer.

#6. Chana- It is digested late, increase air and increase sleep. Many diabetic diseases

#7. Very useful for butter-eye. Increasing Venus, blood piles damage the heart disease.

#8. Increased taste and digestion enhances energy, enhances intellect and talent. Arthritis reduces the bile. Venus is very beneficial for eyes.

Well tips to remove facial acne.

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Acne that is less common in skin, we all suffer from acne Acne problems are more common than oily skin than normal or dry skin. Usually acne occurs when skin is attacked by oil gland or well glands bacteria. Acne and its black spots are most likely to damage the skin's brightness, beauty. Various cosmetics and medicines used to remove acne and its black stains. Instead, you can use some domestic methods that will easily help reduce your acne. So let's know quickly some ways to get rid of acne naturally.
#1. Ice
The most convenient and effective way is the ice. It helps reduce acne inflammation. Put a small piece of ice into a clean cloth and keep it in the acne for one minute. Repeat this way. This method reduces acne and redness of acne.

#2. Lemon juice
Lemon juice helps to dry acne very quickly. It contains citric acid, which is the source of natural antioxidants. Add one lemon juice to the acne by mixing lemon juice in one piece. Keep this whole night. Wash your mouth with cold water in the morning. This method is also quite effective in removing acne.

You may be a little surprised to hear the toothpaste name. But there is no pair of toothpaste to remove acne fast. Before going to sleep at night, apply a little bit of acne after brushing. Wash your face thoroughly in the morning and see Magic. You can use twice a day if you want.
#4. Garlic
Antimicrobial and anti-bacterial components in garlic; Which removes acne. Slice the acne on a piece of garlic to gently rub it. Wait for 5 minutes and then wash it with hot water. Can do this task several times a day.

#5. Honey
Honey is the natural antibiotic that acne is cured rapidly. Apply one piece to the acne after applying honey. After half an hour, wash your face with hot water. Can make acne by making honey and cinnamon paste. Wash your face with cold water in the morning and keep it all night. However, the researchers are still in conflict with whether the condition of acne will be used by regular honey. Try their suggestions, try to use unprocessed or fresh honey.
#6. Baking soda
Baking soda cleans excess oil, removes dirt and dead cells. Baking 1 tablespoon baking soda and a little water or lemon juice mixed together. Wait a few minutes for drying. Wash your face with hot water. This work can be done two to three times a day. However, remember that baking soda can not be kept too long for skin.
#7. Papaya
Papaya acne is very good antidote. It contains antioxidant vitamins and enzymes which remove the acne and make the skin soft and smooth. Apply raw acetic acid to papaya. Wait 10-15 minutes for drying. Then wash your face with cold water. Papaya packs you can use for full face if you want. 2 tablespoons of papaya paste 1 teaspoon of honey, papaya paste and make a mask with honey. Apply mask to the neck and necklace. Wait until it gets dry. Then wash it well with cold water.

Benefits Of Eating Regular Cucumbers...

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Multiple studies have found that if the daily diet can include chess, then it does not take time to fulfill the dream of living a disease-free life. Because there is no substitute for the body to keep the body functioning. Therefore, the salads are sent to the royal pakauan, which is the salad spice, and the chest is sent as a companion to everyone. And why not send it or tell!
Regularly, after eating this fruit, there are many benefits to match! What are the benefits of this genitive element that has many nutrients? So after eating regular cucumbers, a small and big disease can not be close to it.

#1. Reduces the incidence of the infection:
What is the meaning of the pain of nature? So friends should start eating cucumbers since then. The reason is that there is no substitute for the loss of such kind of pain. Actually, the fiber present inside this vegetables increases the amount of waste inside the body. This does not take time to reduce the incidence of constipation like constipation.

#2. Cancer-like diseases are forced to stay away: At present, the situation in India is absolutely necessary for everyone to be extra careful. Because the report of the first-row researchers reveals that every year, the number of new cancer cases is rising by leaps and bounds in India, which is expected to touch the sky in 2020, scientists say. So those foods should be eaten more and more so that the deadly disease remains away. And in this case excluding the chess will not be in any way. Because many studies have found that there are some components in the dishes, which help in preventing cancer.

#3. There is no shortage of water inside the body: it is absolutely necessary to normalize the level of water in the interior of the body. Otherwise, there may be several problems if the body gets dry. So doctors are advised to eat cucumbers every day. According to them, there is so much water in the body of the granite body, about 96 percent, that it is possible to reduce the water deficiency easily and reduce the risk of dehydration.

#4. Can be used in the skin care: There is a substance called silica, which enters the workforce of the house after entering the body. As a result, the beauty of the skin is growing, as well as the strength of every muscle, ligaments and bones of the body begins to grow. It is not the end here, when starting to eat cucumbers, water starts growing in the interior of the body, which in turn causes the toxic elements in the skin to come out. As a result, the skin age starts to decline. And it is necessary to say that it does not take long to improve the skin ton!

#5. Vitamin deficiency is eliminated: Vitamin needed to keep the body active. Mast masters to keep the vitamin supply! Because it contains a large amount of vitamin C, B and A, in addition to improving the immune system, as well as eliminating energy deficiencies and playing a special role in increasing the luminescence of the skin.

#6. Mineral deficiencies are met: You will notice that many people use sugar to serve in the skin. Why do you know this? In fact, there are plenty of magnesium, potassium and silicon in the grain. All these minerals play an important role in improving the body as well as increasing the beauty of the skin. So if you want to get fresh skin on a short day, you can start using it today.

#7. Nutritional deficiencies are eliminated: 300 grams of grains are about 11 grams of carbohydrate, 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, 14 percent vitamin C and 62 percent of vitamin K in the day's demand. In addition, 10 percent of the day's demand is magnesium, 13 percent potassium and 12 percent of manganese. All these components are important role in our body structure. So, doctors are advised to eat cucumbers regularly.

#8. The temperature of the body is normal: the rainy season is now rainy season. It has been raining for several days. But those who are aware of it! Every day the heat is rising. In such a situation, it is necessary to take control of the body to keep the heat. Because the coconut plays a special role in keeping the body temperature normal. As a result, the fear of sunstroke will be reduced. Not only that, you can put cucumber even if the skin burns due to the severe heat. Because cucumber plays a special role in reducing the burns.

#9. Taking the body toxicity: The huge amount of water present in the body of the body is washed away toxic toxicity. As a result, the increase in the amount of poisoning in the body will reduce the risk of any type of disease.

#10. Blood Sugar Comes Into Control: It is actually true that this fruit plays a special role in controlling blood sugar. Actually eating oxygen starts reducing oxidative stress in the body. As a result, it does not take time to control blood sugar levels naturally. Along with this, other problems related to diabetes also play an important role. 11. Weight Loss: 11 Weight loss: Are you worried due to excess weight? Then start eating morning and evening cucumbers. See if the benefits are met. Because many useful substances present in the dishes play a special role in storing excess fat in the body.

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Benefits of Eating bananas per day.

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#1. Keeps the heart healthy

Rooted banana potassium Adhara Playing one or two bananas daily will make your heart more active and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

#2. Kidney keeps healthy

Potassium and even kidneys of caller are good. Reduces chances of kidney stones to prevent calcium from urine in the urine. This results in more calcium allocation for strengthening the bones.

#3. Power is in the body

Art is rich in natural sugar and soluble fiber, which gradually gives strong energy to the body. Because of this, players often see bananas during play or during play.

#4. Food helps digestion

Cholesterol Fiber and Macrobiotics are very helpful in categorized digestion. As a result, your body can store more nutrients. Constipation is removed. Do not take extra lean bananas for leprosy for constipation!

#5. Increases the immune system

Due to the abundance of Vitamin B6, which creates essential amino acids for the body, maintains blood sugar levels and increases hemoglobin. That is to say, the pair of pair of matching fairs to create better disease resistance in the body.

#6. The stomach prevents ulcers and chest pain

Stomach suffering from stomach? Or not getting rid of chest? Eat regular bananas. The artificial mucous layer improves the pH level in stomach, which will protect you from chest pain and stomach ulcer.

#7. Reduces the risk of cancer

Recent studies have found that extra-ripe bananas provide an important type of compound called TNF-A, which increases the immunity of the body as well as increases the amount of white blood cells. This reduces the risk of blood cancer.

#8. Reduces stress and helps in sunshine

In the colon, there is triptophan called amino acid, which is converted into serotonin. The right level of serotonin will keep your mood intact and reduce stress. This will make you sleep better.

#9. The skin is alive

The collar skin has some amounts of fatty acids, which can get benefits like moisturizer on the skin. The collar skin is also used to remove acne again. However, it can not work for all skin types. Yet, try to try again!

#10. Increases the antioxidant in the body

A great source of some important anti-oxidants such as banana dopamine, catechins. They work to protect the body from overall harm.

Effective tips for making white, glossy, bold, dark yellow teeth.

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Effective tips for making white, glossy, bold, dark yellow teeth. Teeth Whitening at home

Many of us have to be embarrassed due to the yellowing of the tooth. The reason for the discomfort during the association in society is that the penis in the penis These yellow spots may appear in the teeth due to various reasons. Dental hygiene of the teeth can be due to indigestion, tobacco smoking, regular medicines, drinking spices or alcohol. Those who are suffering from yellowing problems, they try to bring normal whiteness to the teeth in different ways. Various types of toothpaste, powders, floss- they are applied to it. But none of the benefits is very good. In that case, they are able to find ways to make sure that the yellow teeth are white. Is there any way to do that? Hopefully, there is a lot of ways. And in this way only two minutes will be yellowish tooth whitish white.

Yellow and glossy, bold tooth whiten can be white. This domestic way will work very well for shaving teeth.
Whatever it takes
#1 toothpaste
#2 lemon
#3 salt
Mix these three ingredients together and brush them in the teeth and only 30 seconds.